Debbie St. Clair, M.D. | Board-Certified Family Physician | Team Member
Griffin Concierge Medical

Debbie-HeadshotConcierge Medicine Today Releases “Industry Leading Women In The Business of Concierge Medicine of 2016”

“Having practiced medicine for ten years in larger, traditional family medicine practices, I have often felt like I couldn’t spend the amount of time that my patients deserved. For me, Griffin Concierge Medical’s approach is a welcome change.  I am excited to work in a practice where I can get to know my patients personally. Whether my patients are sick or well, I hope to interact with them regularly.  I am committed to healthy living. I played college basketball and now enjoy being outdoors, whether training for a half marathon or just exercising with my family.”


“I really want to get to know my patients and their families and to care for them through different phases of their lives.” ~Debbie

“Dr. St. Clair started her Concierge Medicine Practice in April 2015 and her practice will be close to half full by her first year in practice (300 patients will be a full practice). She’s left an existing traditional practice to practice concierge medicine after years of the “hamster wheel” medicine. Her immediate success speaks of the demand for concierge medicine and the demand for a female concierge physician in South Tampa. Kudos to Dr. St. Clair!” ~Radley Griffin, M.D. Board-Certified Family Physician Founder, Griffin Concierge Medical