A national survey reveals that patients are frustrated with traditional primary care:Infographic

  • 31% complained that they spend more time in the waiting room than with their doctor.
  • 30% had to call their doctor’s office for test results
  • 23% say their doctor isn’t available when they have a medical need.
  • Many feel their provider doesn’t really know them with 31% doubting that their doctor would recognize them on the street.
  • Only 25% felt that encounters with their physician was like meeting with a trusted advisor.

At Griffin Concierge Medical, we aim to eliminate the frustrations often associated with the traditional primary-care experience. Members of our practice enjoy:

  • Appointments that start on time
  • Same-day, next day appointments
  • 24/7 availability
  • Easy communication: call, email or text your doctor
  • Optimal 1 to 300 provider-to patient ratio
  • A real relationship with a doctor who knows you


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