The diet our patients are using to lose weight and defeat chronic disease.

When Bonnie joined Griffin Concierge Medical, she was overweight and diabetic. She was also motivated to become more physically fit. That’s when Dr. Radley Griffin shared the “No Sugar, No Starch” diet developed by Eric Westman, M.D., at Duke University. Fast forward 18 months and Bonnie has lost 54 pounds and gone down four sizes in her clothes.hiddensugar

“The diet is really much easier than I thought it would be,” Bonnie says. “Very simple and easy to understand.” It’s as simple as eating real food. Imagine, shopping just the perimeter of the grocery store. You want to stick to meat, fish, cheese, eggs, low-carb vegetables and steer clear of bread, rice, pasta, potatoes, flour, fruit and sugar.

The key to success? Limit your carbohydrate intake (which includes sugar) to 20 grams per day. To give you an idea of what that looks like, one slice of bread has 10 grams of carbohydrate and one apple has the max 20 grams.

Sugar and starch raise blood sugar, which in turn spikes insulin, which promotes fat production and storage. Additionally, when you eat carbs, the body only burns those carbs for fuel. But when you eliminate the carbs, you force your body to burn fat.

You might think such a lifestyle change would pose a challenge in restaurants. But Bonnie says otherwise. “Actually, dining out is very easy,” she says. Just focus on protein, good fat and vegetables. Even a local bagel place proves no match for Bonnie. “I just get eggs and bacon,” she says. “When they ask what kind of bagel I want, I say I don’t want one.”

But Bonnie doesn’t feel she’s missing out. “I’m actually enjoying food more,” she says. “I’m eating more fresh foods, and I’m more aware what goes into food and what real food is.”

Bonnie says her weight loss has improved her mobility and balance. What’s more, she’s no longer a diabetic. “Blood sugar falls into a normal range immediately on this diet,” says Dr. Griffin.

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