I’d like to share a quick story with you . . .

Last week, two drug reps stopped in to tell me about a new Type-2 Diabetes drug. I declined to accept the samples because, as I explained respectfully, those medications were part of the obesity problem not the solution.

The medication they were peddling–and that many a doctor will accept and prescribe–does not reverse diabetes. In fact, it ensures you’ll be a diabetic for life.

The solution? Stop eating sugar.

Here’s what happens when you adopt the No Sugar, No Starch Diet:

  • Blood pressure lowers
  • Triglycerides drop
  • Diabetes is reversed
  • Good cholesterol rises
  • Fat gets torched
  • Weight stays off
  • Hormone levels balance out
  • Heart disease improves or is prevented
  • Bowel problems disappear
  • Inflammation quells

But back to those drug reps. Frankly, they were speechless when I explained the science behind why the body needs better nutrition–not their drug. Well, they did have one response: “Good for you.” (I think they meant it.)

If you want to learn more about the No Sugar, No Starch Diet, we’re here to help. Dr. Debbie St. Clair and Physician Assistant Mary Katherine Charles are also well-versed in the diet.

Thanks for listening. My team and I hope to communicate more consistently about health, diet and nutrition, and we hope you’ll enjoy the content.

On a related note, I’m asked almost daily, “You’re ‘full,’ so who do I send my friends and family to for good care?” The answer is Griffin Concierge Medical! Dr. St. Clair is accepting new patients for just a few more months before she caps out, too.

Anyone interested in learning more about the practice can contact amber@griffin.healthcare.

In good health,
Radley Griffin, M.D.