I have a few go-to lunch spots when I want to go low-carb. One of them is Chipotle. Recently, as I headed out to pick up my usual bowl, I asked my employee, Aliza (she handles Finance for GCM), if she wanted me to pick her up something. She gave me her order, which included black beans and rice. Then she asked me what I get. (A little background that Aliza is OK with me sharing: she’s been intrigued by the No Sugar, No Starch diet we talk about all the time, but she’s been unsure about committing.)

I explained that if she wanted to order the No Sugar, No Starch way, then there are ingredients to steer clear of and others to pile on. She was game, so I told her to sit tight, and I’d return with a bowl full of deliciousness that would keep her satiated for hours.

I returned with Chipotle’s “salad” option. The ingredients included: romaine lettuce, chicken, mild salsa, sour cream, cheese and guacamole. I advised she chuck the vinaigrette dressing right in the trash because it had an eye-gouging three teaspoons(!!!) of sugar per two-ounce portion.

Here was her verdict:

“I used to eat at Chipotle in San Diego quite often, and didn’t think I could feel full without eating beans and rice. And, honestly, I assumed beans were a protein. I didn’t realize it was a carb. Being told I can eat full-fat cheese and sour cream and high-fat guacamole goes against everything I was ever taught! I always hear ‘no dairy’ and ‘no fat’ running through my head prior to ordering anywhere. So this was a great change. I couldn’t even finish the bowl, didn’t miss the salad dressing, and it was so filling. I wasn’t hungry for hours. This diet? This I can do!” – Aliza, renewed Chipotle regular

So, YES to eating fat! It’s the fat that keeps you satiated for hours because the fat actually slows digestion. Fats also provide the body with energy and helps you absorb nutrients and produce important hormones.

If you want to lose weight and keep it off, you have to get OK with friend-requesting fat and unfriending carbs and sugar. And, no, fat doesn’t clog arteries and cause heart disease. It’s sugar that’s causing heart disease. Interestingly, the obesity rates in the United States climbed drastically after the we adopted a low-fat philosophy. We were all duped.

You can literally replace all the carbs you’re eating with fat, and you would lose weight. Why? Carbs raise insulin. Fats don’t. And insulin is why we get fat and store fat.

Let this sink in for a minute: obesity is not result of eating too much and exercising too little—it’s the result of too much insulin.

So if you want to burn fat and lose weight, you have to stop eating foods that increase insulin–i.e., sugar and starch (carbs)–and you start eating good fats.

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Radley Griffin, M.D.