Fasting For Improved Health: Should you try it? And why I always skip breakfast.

Here are a few myths about eating: 1. You should never skip breakfast. 2. You should never miss any meal. 3. Snacking is a part of a balanced diet. 4. Eating more frequently helps keep weight down. How did we arrive at subscribing to these beliefs? So many reasons, but just a couple worth mentioning: […]

It’s not about weight-loss. It’s about how you FEEL.

It’s not about weight loss. This low-carb, high-fat (LCHF) lifestyle that I’m just so dang excited to talk about is not just about losing weight. It’s about feeling great. Today, I spoke again with Nutritionist Mihaela Telecan, RD, via Facebook Live (you can watch the replay here), about how a LCHF diet makes you FEEL. As one […]

What to eat? What not to eat? Let’s clear up confusion.

So I’m picking up some items at our neighborhood grocery, and I’m especially proud of my keto-cart: some all-natural ham and turkey from the deli, cucumbers, tomatoes, avocados, green beans, and cauliflower to make a new “macaroni” and cheese dish (p.s. it was deeeelicious). In the meat section, I grabbed some chicken thighs and ground beef and then […]

Are You A Sugar Addict?

I have a confession: not three years ago, I was scooping five teaspoons of sugar into my coffee every morning. Oh, and since I regularly drink coffee in the afternoon, I did the same at 3:00 p.m. And I’d probably have a Coke at lunch. Yes, I am a former sugar addict.   Despite my degrees […]

Eat Fat. Get Skinny.

I have a few go-to lunch spots when I want to go low-carb. One of them is Chipotle. Recently, as I headed out to pick up my usual bowl, I asked my employee, Aliza (she handles Finance for GCM), if she wanted me to pick her up something. She gave me her order, which included […]