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Are concierge medical services right for you?
Do you want:

  • Personalized care that focuses on a small number of patients?
  • Doctors and professionals that get to know you, your goals, and your priorities?
  • Time to ask questions about your health and feel heard without feeling rushed?
  • Access to advanced diagnostic tools, testing, and technology?
  • An improved quality of life and optimized health?

If this is you, and you’re ready to step out of a healthcare system driven by volume and insurance, then welcome to Griffin Concierge Medical.

Not All Concierge Medical Services Are Created Equal.

At Griffin Concierge Medical, we’ve been leading the way, delivering concierge medical services for over 15 years. In fact, we were one of the first concierge medical practices in the United States.

Today, new concierge medical practices are becoming more common as discerning individuals leave the status quo of traditional healthcare. If you’re considering concierge healthcare, here are some questions you should be asking: 


Is there only one doctor in the practice, or will you have access to a full team of physicians?

Do they have access to an independent network of concierge physicians who can assist you while traveling?

Do they have relationships with and access to the best specialists?

Do they have access to and offer the latest healthcare technology?
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The Difference is in the Delivery

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Services & Offerings

Griffin Concierge Medical is focused on optimizing our members’ health through prevention and highly personalized medical care rooted in a solid physician-patient relationship. Our personal, proactive approach lets us address all health concerns and provide a wide range of services for our members. We’re here for all your primary, preventive, and urgent care needs, from annual exams to twisted ankles.

Primary & Preventative Care

Optimizing your health begins with prevention. With that in mind, we provide:

• Unrushed annual wellness exam • Well-women’s exams • Comprehensive lab panels • Advanced hormone analysis and treatment • Body composition analysis • Vaccines • Nutritional counseling • Medical weight-loss support • AI-assisted cognitive analysis • EKG • Cryotherapy • Skin biopsies • B12 injections • Sports medicine procedures • Travel medicine kits • Curated supplements

Urgent Care

Life happens, and when it does, we want to be your first call:

• Same-day and walk-in appointments • After-hours care • Rapid strep, flu, COVID, and mono testing • Antibiotic injections • Ear lavage • Urinalysis • Intravenous fluids • Nebulizer treatments • Minor sutures • Minor sprains and strains • Minor burns • Rashes • On-site pharmacy

Innovative Care

Cutting-edge diagnostics for a proactive and personalized approach to your well-being.

Bio-identical Hormone Replacement TherapyPlatelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) TherapyHome sleep studiesContinuous ambulatory heart monitoringMulti-cancer early detection testingWhole-body genome sequencing analysis • Continuous glucose monitoring • AI-assisted coronary artery plaque analysis • Visco-supplementation injections

Chronic Disease Management

• Coordination of specialists • Self-management techniques • Chronic disease education • Medication management

Access & Convenience

At Griffin Concierge Medical, we maintain a small physician-patient ratio, with one physician (not a nurse practitioner or physician assistant) serving only 300 patients, compared to a norm of one physician per 2000 to 3000 patients. The result? Your doctor and team get to know you, allowing us to develop relationships and spend more time with you. We are accessible when you want and work together at your pace to ensure your needs are met in a personal, practical fashion.

Our members experience and receive:

  • 24/7 access to a GCM physician
  • No-wait, unhurried visits
  • Same-day appointments for sick visits and urgent care
  • Designated Patient Care Coordinator for each patient
  • Scheduling of specialist appointments
  • Hospital-care coordination
  • In-house lab draws
  • Telemedicine visits
  • A secure patient portal to access your information
  • Prescriptions and refills
  • On-site pharmacy
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What they’ve said about us:

Hear from our members about their choice to join GCM.

Best of both worlds. All the latest medical advances in an unhurried, personal environment. They arrange any required appointments with specialists AND minimize the need for outside appointments by doing blood draws or managing other routine matters onsite. I'm describing only a small part of what makes GCM so special.

Member since 2019

If you want a complete medical team to partner with you to focus on your health, call Griffin Concierge Medical. They do much more than just "see" patients and "make" specialist appointments. They manage my health and medical needs—their entire team, including doctors. PAs, Lab Techs, and all the people who manage the front desk are top-notch.

Member since 2017

Medical heaven. It’s so different from traditional primary care. Griffin knows HOW TO RUN a business. GCM is more interested in treating you when you’re well than treating you when you’re sick. They have become a part of my family.

Member since 2013

I have a lot of small health problems that could dramatically reduce the quality of my life, but with my physician, I can address symptoms and issues immediately when they arise in a thorough, diverse, and innovative way.

Member since 2015

This magnificent medical practice’s entire staff is super friendly and professional. I appreciate the holistic approach to treating the patient. My doctor takes time to understand me and my healthcare fully. The practice has excellent technology, and their response time when you have a question or need care is lightning fast. You've found it if you are ready for the next-level medical care.

Member since 2022

A first-class medical provider. The service goes beyond anything one could imagine. The appointments are on time, easy to schedule, and very professional. Imagine getting in touch with your doctor almost anytime. Griffin Concierge offers medical tests my previous primary care doctor has yet to offer. The benefits far outweigh a minimal charge.

Member since 2023

GCM is a best-in-class healthcare experience - from the modern decor and clean facility with leading in-clinic technology…to the 24/7 physician engagement, general expertise, and bedside manner. The experience is what top-of-the-line, professional healthcare looks like—a smart, organized, punctual, well-managed shop looking after all my primary care needs. My stress is significantly less because of the team at Griffin.

Member since 2022

The whole team at Griffin Concierge Medical continues to impress us. Their exceptional service has remained unmatched since we switched from our previous providers. They’ve transformed what was a stressful aspect of life into a seamless and positive experience. Our highest recommendation goes out to GCM.

Member since 2019

Amazing company! I have been a client for over five years and am grateful to be part of this fantastic group. The doctors are the best, and the customer service is perfect! Every employee I have ever interacted with has treated me so nicely. I have no complaints!!
I look forward to many more years with them.

Member since 2018

Griffin Concierge is, by far - galaxies beyond - any other concierge practices we've experienced.
GCM is different from a cookie-cutter concierge practice like so many others. There are so many value-added services - too many to list. Most of all, I love being able to text what I need simply, and the response is immediate. They've even come in on weekends to help me in a pinch!

Member since 2019

The doctors and staff at Griffin Concierge are simply top-notch. They are indeed a full-service establishment, and they treat symptoms and underlying causes for long-term health. I always receive a response from a doctor within 15 minutes. My scripts are always sent in within that same timeframe with accuracy. I wish everyone could experience the same experience I have regularly at Griffin Concierge.

Member since 2022

The level of medical care & professionalism of this entire practice is outstanding—far exceeding my expectations of the concierge medicine experience. They truly impressed me when the doctor met me at the office on a holiday weekend (within 30 minutes of reaching out!) to assure me firsthand that I had the proper fluids & medicine necessary for a speedy recovery. I am grateful to be in their hands!

Member since 2019

I've been with this practice for over a decade, and I can tell you that it is the best decision I ever made for my health. The doctors actually spend time with you; they care about you, and you get real Health Care. I guarantee you that wherever you are right now, there is nothing like the experience you will have at Griffin Concierge Medical.

Member since 2017

Medical heaven. It’s so different from traditional primary care. Griffin knows HOW TO RUN a business. GCM is more interested in treating you when you’re well than when you’re sick. They have become a part of my family.

Member since 2013

GCM is an extension of my family. Very professional but warm. They make me feel like I’m seen and heard. When we were traveling, our entire family got sick. GCM called the out-of-state hospital and arranged for our care. The doctors at the hospital said, “You have a great doctor you go to.” Even while traveling, they take care of us.

Member since 2015
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