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While concierge medicine has been around for several decades, the concept is still new to many.

At Griffin Concierge Medical, new members begin with an initial consultation where they meet their dedicated patient-care team, ask questions, and ensure we’re the best fit for their medical needs. They then pay an annual fee to join the practice.

Our Proven Process

Upon joining the practice, new members may choose to begin their relationship with us by completing a blood work panel and physical exam to establish a baseline of heart health, body composition, and hormone balance, just to name a few key markers. We’ll also learn more about your medical history and discuss your health goals. This thorough exam is the first step to gaining insight so that we can create a roadmap to better health.

If you recently had lab work or a physical exam, we can kick off the relationship wherever you need. That could mean starting with an in-depth conversation during which time your physician simply gets to know you and your health goals. That could also mean taking advantage of the many benefits of our practice, which include primary,- preventative- and urgent-care services and optimization.

Our Approach

Our entire model of care is based around the physician-member relationship. In addition to being a trusted on-call resource for questions or concerns, we’re proactive in our approach to your health, regularly reaching out to each member to ensure all health needs are being met. Whatever you’re looking for, we want to give you the answer. And with a strong relationship built on respect and trust, you’ll never hesitate to ask.


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