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At Griffin Concierge Medical, we strive to create the most convenient healthcare experience for our members. One of the ways we do that is by keeping our most highly requested supplements in stock at our office. This saves you from wasting time and energy looking online for the perfect supplement — we know it’s much easier if we provide you directly with the products you need.

This isn’t to say we routinely recommend all our members take every supplement we have in stock. When it comes to supplementation, one size doesn’t fit all. As we’ve emphasized before, we tailor each and every recommendation to your unique lab results and needs.

How Do We Choose Which Supplements to Stock?

The supplement recommendations you receive as a member are completely unique based on your needs and lab results, and are checked, tracked, and rechecked by your physician to ensure effectiveness. However, there are some supplements we recommend more often than others based on the most common vitamin and nutrient deficiencies we come across. Those are the supplements we keep in our office.

Every brand of supplements we carry has been thoroughly vetted to ensure high quality and efficacy. We carry supplements most likely to benefit our patients in their daily lives.

We Stock Supplements That Move the Needle

We keep only the best, professional-grade supplements in our office, and that’s because we want to see actual, tangible results. They need to move the needle in lab results, addressing deficiencies, and they need to make you feel better.

Of course, the supplements we provide aren’t limited to the list below. We often recommend others on an individual basis. To accommodate these more unique cases, we use Fullscript, an online catalog of quality supplements. Just like in our office, Fullscript stocks vetted premium-quality supplements that yield results.

Our Most Popular In-Office Supplements

Many common deficiencies and health concerns can be treated or improved by high-quality, effective supplements. Let’s unpack seven of our most routinely prescribed supplement brands.

1 & 2. Xymogen Brand Mood Food and Methyl Protect

When do we recommend them?

  • Xymogen Methyl Protect is a B-complex supplement we routinely prescribe when B12 levels are low, AND when someone requires metabolic support. If you’re trying to lose weight or optimize your nutrition, your physician may recommend Methyl Protect.
  • Our physicians also recommend Methyl Protect to patients whose lab results show high homocysteine levels.
  • Xymogen Mood Food, meanwhile, is often recommended to members who show low B vitamin levels AND feel fatigued, sluggish, or are expressing concerns with their mood. Patients needing neurological improvement will also benefit.

How do they help?

  • Methyl Protect helps support healthy methylation of B12, which is important for heart, blood vessel, bone, and cognitive health. Healthy methylation and B vitamin levels are important in making neurotransmitters and are critical in forming amino acids — the building blocks of protein.
  • Mood Food adds additional neurotransmitters and some magnesium to Methyl Protect’s B vitamins. Mood Food contains GABA and 5-HTP, which are precursors to serotonin and other neurotransmitters that improve brain health and mood.

3. Xymogen Brand Vitamin D3 (2,000 and 5,000 units)

When do we recommend it?

  • Vitamin D3 is recommended when low vitamin D levels are recognized. The exact number of prescribed units is targeted based on specific lab values.
  • In general, we prescribe a vitamin D3 supplement to all of our members who are women in their perimenopausal and menopausal years. This is when vitamin D is most needed to support bone health.
  • We also tend to see vitamin D deficiencies in certain groups of people, such as those who are elderly, obese, those who have been hospitalized or in long-term care, and those who are ethnically dark-skinned.

How does it help?

  • Vitamin D helps to regulate calcium levels in both the bones and the bloodstream.
  • It also supports every other major organ system, including the immune and metabolic systems.

4. Omega (OmegaPure 820™)

When do we recommend it?

  • As part of each member’s annual panel of bloodwork, our physicians will check an omega index that indicates whether omega-3 levels are low. If so, omega-3 supplementation will be recommended.
  • The preferred method of getting omega-3s is through diet. Foods like tuna, salmon, and walnuts are great sources of omega-3s. But if someone is struggling to get an ample amount of omegas through diet sources, our physicians will recommend supplementation.

How does it help?

  • Omega-3 levels are linked to cardiovascular health, cognition, musculoskeletal, and neurological health.

5. Probiotics

When do we recommend it?

  • There are no lab values that reflect probiotic needs. Therefore, we recommend probiotic supplements on an as-needed basis based on digestive health and concerns such as acute or chronic digestive issues.
  • If someone is recovering from gastroenteritis or has been on antibiotics, we’ll often recommend probiotics to restore the natural flora in their gut.

How does it help?

  • Probiotics replenish live “good” bacteria into the gut microbiome.
  • Some individuals need to be on probiotics chronically to maintain optimal gut health.

6. Desert Harvest Brand Aloe Vera Capsule

When do we recommend it?

  • Aloe vera capsules are recommended based on individual symptoms. They’re ideal when patients are facing acute or chronic urinary issues.

How does it help?

  • Aloe vera helps balance the acid-base levels of urine to ease bladder irritation.

Infographic: 5 Supplements We Regularly Give our MembersSupplements Can Improve Your Health — As Long As They’re Right for You

Here at GCM, we value convenience, and carrying frequently recommended supplements is just another way we live that value. Keep in mind that we recommend supplements on a case-by-case basis, and the brands above are not meant for everyone. Our supplement recommendations are made by our licensed physicians and based on the results of in-depth panels.

We can also arrange for supplements to be delivered directly to our members. We have practitioner accounts with both Fullscript and Xymogen, so we can create accounts for our members, and these companies can ship directly to them. In that case, our members can view their whole catalog online and add more items to their cart, above what we recommend.

Sourcing your own supplements without first talking to your physician and finding the right supplementation path for your individual needs is not recommended. It may even do more harm than good. During your next checkup, ask us about using supplements to achieve optimal results, and we’ll custom-tailor a plan just for you.

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